The nursery uniform which the children wear has been chosen to suit the practical needs of pre-school children giving them a feeling of ownership and belonging. The uniform consists of:

• Navy blue jogging trousers/shorts or skirt/pinafore • Yellow polo shirt, with the nursery logo • Pale blue sweatshirt or cardigan, with the nursery logo

During the summer term shorts can be worn and the girls can wear a yellow or blue checked dress if they prefer. When the weather is cold please ensure your child is sent to nursery in a warm and easy to manage coat.

Little accidents due to illness or otherwise do happen so if your child is sent home in nursery ‘spares’ please wash and return all clothing borrowed as soon as possible. The polo and sweatshirts are embroidered with the nursery logo and are available to purchase from nursery. We also have a selection of second-hand uniform.


For your child’s safety, footwear and outdoor clothing must be appropriate for outdoor activities and with all strings and cords removed from garments.

Nursery Bags

We encourage the children to keep a SMALL bag in Nursery. This bag is used to keep a change of clothes etc. There is also the option to purchase a bag embroidered with their name from nursery


Please make sure that children do not bring toys, jewellery, money or other valuables to Nursery as they may get lost, broken or cause disagreements. They should not bring sweets, chocolates, chewing gum or drinks. While we will do our utmost to take care of your child’s possessions we regret that no responsibility can be accepted for them.