Reporting absence

If you are taking your child on holiday, please email us with details.
If your child is likely to be absent please inform us as soon as possible. Refunds of fees will not usually be available for absences. If you wish to take your child on holiday please inform nursery in writing, there will not be a refund for this absence.

Any child with a rash, sore throat, diarrhoea, discharge from the eyes or nose or any contagious infections should not attend until a doctor has certified he/she is fully recovered. In the case of upset tummies 48 hours clearance is required before the child can return to nursery.

If a child becomes sick or has an accident at nursery we will contact you immediately. (Please inform us of any changes regarding Emergency Contact numbers). The teacher reserves the right to call for emergency assistance and if necessary remove a child to hospital.

In order to have medicines administered parents must obtain a ‘Medication Form’ from a member of staff and complete it. We will make every effort to follow parental instructions but reserve the right to refuse a request to administer medicines whilst a child is in our care. We will only administer medicines prescribed by the child’s doctor. Care Plans are also completed for children with long term medical conditions eg asthma.